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Rhino.Python 4 day-introduction online course by geometrydepth

2012 December 10-12 & 15 – 9:00-12:00 am CET / 9:00-12:00 am PST
Lead instructor Giulio Piacentino – Assistant instructor Ilaria Giardiello
Through this 4-day introductory online class, we will explore the flexible and clear syntax of the new programming language of Rhinoceros 5.0 for Windows and Mac. Even without any previous programming knowledge you will be able to extend your Rhino and Grasshopper experience — learning how to script, automate and implement your design process. You will learn about variables, methods and functions and the potentials of iterative and recursive codes.

The class is taught completely online in 4 sessions of 3 hours each. The course is scheduled at 9:00 to 12:00 am for Central European Time (CET) and at 9:00 to 12:00 for Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please indicate on your registration form the time at which you would like to join us.
This class is suitable for scripting beginners: no previous scripting knowledge is required.
You will be able to ask questions in the class through a live chat designed to give participants support on theory and exercises developed during the course.

Registration (link)
The course is tutored by geometrydepth.com and organized by Piacentino Consulenze Snc.
Detailed Rhino.Python 4-day introduction (PDF).

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Rhino.Python Workshop by PointCrowd : New York City June 4-21

Instructors: Ari Kardasis and Masoud Akbarzadeh
PointCrowd is a RhinoScripting workshop using the Python programming language that is available in the upcoming release of Rhino 5.  In this three week mini-course, we will start with the basics of programming and move into the mathematics of space and Rhino's representation of geometry.  
Workshop Topics:
  • Automation: Increase your efficiency by programming Rhino to complete tedious drawing and modeling tasks.
  • Optimization: Create a better design product by testing and improving your models against physical conditions like light and circulation.
  • Generative Design: Work through complex geometric ideas using simple Python scripts.

Classes will be Monday and Thursday Evenings from 6:30-10pm in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Please visit www.pointcrowd.com for details.
Please see some examples of student work from our sessions in January at MIT and June in Boston here.
Python is an easy and intuitive programming language which makes RhinoScripting easier than ever. This class will provide the high demand skills associated with computational design and architecture while maintaining focus on the principles of design.

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Rhino Python 101 Primer by Skylar Tibbits, Arthur van der Harlen and Steve Baer. (2011)

Open publication - Free publishing - More python
Excerpt from the Introduction by Skylar TibbitsArthur van der Harlen and Steve Baer.
"You’ve just opened the first edition of the Rhino Python primer. This booklet was originally written by David Rutten of Robert McNeel & Associates for Rhino 4 and VBscript and has now been translated to encompass Python for Rhino 5."
"Similar to the previous primers, we have the advantage of using geometric and visual examples to help teach programming. In many traditional scenarios, programming is taught with non-visual examples and difficult to understand engineering problems. For this reason, as well as Python's easy-to-read syntax, we should hopefully be able to bring everyone to understand and write simple programs to help automate and design within Rhino."
"Programming also offers a new language to communicate with the world because almost every discipline, from the Sciences, Engineering to Art, utilize code as a progressive new medium - and this primer should hopefully give you an easy introduction into this powerful language for communicating with the world."

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Archive: Rhino Python By Ari Kardasis and Masoud Akbarzadeh

Archive from MIT Workshop by Ari Kardasis and Masoud Akbarzadeh.
With the forthcoming release of Rhino 5.0, RhinoScript will be moving to a new syntax: Python. The new, more intuitive interface for manipulating Rhino from the inside will give us the opportunity to quickly and easily create a wide variety of complex systems based on simple rules that are easily implemented with no prior programming experience.  We will introduce RhinoScript for absolute beginners, including the basics of programming techniques (variables, flow control, etc.) as well as the working knowledge of how Rhino represents geometrical objects such as points, curves, surfaces and even text.  We will then move quickly into techniques for making minimal surfaces and other particle based geometries. Students will produce a final project that will be an exploration of the formal consequences of complex systems.

MIT IAP 2011 Architecture 4.195 Spec Prob in Arch Design 
Point Crowd: RhinoScript and lots of tiny things 

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Python: Scripting language for Rhino

Blog and Wikis

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Methods: Subdivide

Methods: Working with Color

Methods: Phyllotaxis

Rhinoscripting: Articles

  • Ernesto Bueno (Campinas, SP, 2008). Consideraciones y recursos para la concepciòn de la forma en la arquitectura de la era digital (only in spanish). En PARC vol. 1, n.3 (pdf)

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Methods: Parametric Surface

Methods: Info on a Surface

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Methods: Honeycomb

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Methods: Genetic Algorithms

Methods: Cellular Automaton / Automata Celular

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Methods: Objects on a Surface

jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Methods: Tessellation

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Methods: Objects to Curve and Curves

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

Methods: L-Systems

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Methods: Attractors

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Methods: Pipes

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RhinoScripting BLOG & WIKIs by Region

Latin America (in spanish)
If you have more information about initiatives using RhinoScript, feel free to send me the links and details about your research and explorations to pablo@espaciosdigitales.org

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Student Explorations: RhinoScripting between surfaces

  • Estructuras. Eugenio Florate :: Alicia Hernandez :: Carlos Maldonado. U de Chile, 2007 (video)
  • Estructuras en V. Italo Veas :: Cristo Cucumides . U de Chile, 2007 (video)
  • Recursion en V. Pedro Hinojosa :: Natalia Solar :: Marcelo Serres. U de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb)
  • Modulo Tenso. Martín Ramirez, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, 2008 (PDF) (Script rvb)
  • BIOTUBES Biomorphic Tubular Sections. Jorge Inostroza :: Pablo Moran :: Gustavo Quiñinao, Universidad de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb) (uploaded Dec.,5, 2009)

Student Explorations: RhinoScripting on a surface

  • HidroMesh. Juan Pablo Acosta :: Cecilia Antunez de Mayolo :: Rodrigo Barreto :: Mónica Freund. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, 2008. (PDF) (Script rvb) (video)
  • Surface. Natalija Boljsakov :: José García Calderón :: Brian Miller. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, 2008. (PDF) (Script rvb) (video)
  • GiraScript. Sebastian Pulgar :: Christian Bazaes :: Juan Felipe Enriquez Fiallo. U de Chile, 2007 (Script rvb) (video)

  • GridShell. Erick Diaz :: Guillermo Parada :: Juan Cristobal Caceres. U de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb) (video). El 2 de Julio de 2007 :: Margaret Dewhurst presentó Structural Hair, proyecto ganador en la Architectural Association Student Summer Pavillion. Dentro de su investigación, tomó como referencia este código creado por alumnos del Taller que realizamos en Noviembre del 2006 en Santiago de Chile, creando una impresionante variante que fue construída en Londres. El diseño y construcción del proyecto de Margaret fue publicado en el blog de Apiusurface. La AA documento con imagenes el proyecto.
  • Musculo. Daniel Lizana :: Moises Vera. U de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb)
  • Diatom. Carlos de la Barrera :: Marcelo Quezada. U de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb)

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Editors: Interactive Tools

Editors: Scripting Tools

Methods: Panelization

domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Methods: Voronoi & Delaunay

Methods: Cracking & Fractal

Methods: Branching & Recursion

Methods: Excel & Spreadsheets

Rhinoscripting in Architectural Conferences

  • Giorgos Artopoulos; Stanislav Roudavski y Francois Penz (2006) Adaptive Generative Patterns: design and construction of Prague Biennale pavilion. (2118 Kb). Voronoi/Rhinoscript.
  • Andres Kudless, Ivan Vukcevich (Louisville, 2006). Flexible Formwork Research (FPR). (html) (pdf)
  • Kenfield Griffith, Larry Sass, Denis Michaud (Santiago de Chile, 2006). Strategy for complex-curved building design:Design structure with Bi-lateral contouring as integrally connected ribs. (html) (pdf)
  • Onur Gün (Frankfurt, 2007). Composing the Bits of Surfaces in Architectural Practice (html) (pdf)
  • Pablo C. Herrera (Mexico, 2007). Experiencia de programación en la educación del arquitecto (html) (pdf)
  • Tim Schork (Cambridge, 2008). Option Explicit: Scripting as Design Media. En Critical Digital Conference Proceedings, Kostas Terzidis ed. (páginas 41-46)
  • Aya Okabe, Tsukasa Takenaka (Cambridge, 2008). Beyond Surface: Aspects of UVN world in Algorithmic Architecture. En Critical Digital Conference Proceedings, Kostas Terzidis ed. (páginas 195-203).
  • Pablo C. Herrera (La Habana, 2008). VBScript in the education of the architect: Assessment strategies and methods to overcome constraints of implementation (only in spanish) (html) (pdf)
  • Ernesto Bueno + Carlos De La Barrera (La Habana, 2008). Scripting as a strategy for the design: one pedagogical experience (only in spanish) (html) (pdf)

Rhinoscripting in Architectural Thesis

  • Yanni Loukissas (MIT, 2003). RuleBuilding (3010 Kb) Exploring Design Worlds through End-User Programming
  • Nicholas Senske (MIT, 2005). Fear of Code (5366 Kb) An Approach to integrating computation with Archtectural Design.
  • Kenfield Griffith (MIT, 2006). Design computing of complex-curved geometry using digital fabrication methods (1493 Kb).
  • M. Hank Haeusler (RMIT, 2007). Spatial dynamic media system – Amalgam of form and image through use of a 3D light-point matrix to deliver a content-driven zone in real-time. Abstract, Volume I (PDF (8Mb), Volume II (13Mb).
  • Vassileios Kourkoutas (TU Vienna, 2007). Parametric Form Finding in Contemporary Architecture (3546 Kb).
  • Davide del Giudice (Politecnico di Torino, 2007) Tsunami Memorial Design Competition, network as design tool. (PDF :: Blog)
  • Paolo Basso (2008). Computational Morphogenesis in Architecture Form Spatial Structures Optimization (Blog).
  • Carl Lostritto (2008). NASA administrative headquarters building in Washington, DC. (Blog).
  • Shearer, Michael S. (Michael Scott) (MIT, 2010). Analyzing and creating forms : rapid generation of graphic statics solutions through RhinoScript. (17080 Kb)

    RhinoScripting Latinamerican Explorations

    RhinoScripting BLOGs & WIKIs

    Rhinoscripting: manuales y scripts

    Workshop Handouts (Manuales usados en talleres)
    Computational Design Solutions, Griffith+Snavely
    Learning RhinoScripting, IAPA
    RhinoScript 101, David Rutten, McNeel
    RhinoScripting Introduction Podborsek+Snooks+Stuart-Smith
    Soluciones de Diseño Computacional Griffith+Snavely+Cardoso
    Soluciones de Diseño Computacional Griffith+Cardoso+Herrera
    Scripting Handout (2004) David Rutten
    Scripting and Computational Geometry, Stylianos Dristas
    RhinoScript for Rhinoceros 3.0 Programmer's Reference
    MIT Design Scripting 4.564/4.502 Takehiko Nagakura+Cardoso+De Biswas

    Workshop Scripts (Líneas de código producidas en talleres)

    Biothing, Alisa Andrasek
    Brian Boyer (2007) Harvard GSD Elite Modeling School Scripts
    Code&Form, Marius Watz
    Columbia University+Pratt Institute 2006/2007 Studios
    Computational Design Solutions (2006), MIT
    Crisis Fronts Studio Script Library, Pratt Institute (2008)
    Digital Design+Production Scripts (2008), IAPA
    Fundamentos, Declaraciones, Variables, Datos, (2007) Pablo C. Herrera
    MyFirst RhinoScript (2008) Marius Watz Workshop
    G.X 2.0 WorkBlog (2008) Marius Workshop
    RhinoScript.org (2008)
    Atelier Paolo Cascone (2008) Ecole Speciale D'Architecture
    Rhinoscript introduction (2006), KTH School of Architecture
    Programming Intro with RhinoScript (2000) Pablo Miranda
    RhinoScript introduction (2008) open-source library of scripts
    Intro to RhinoScript (2008), Universidad Ball State
    Rhino.Scripting Short Tutorials, Universidad Kassel
    RhinoScript Samples (2008) Institute fur
    AlgoWorkshops (2006) Columbia University
    SPRscrpts V1 (2008) Dimitrie Stefanescu
    Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2006) UCh, Santiago
    Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2007) UCh, Santiago
    Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2008) UPC, Lima
    SSSSociety (2006) Things pertaining to Rhinoscripting
    Theverymany, (2006) Marc Fornes
    Topography/Volume Study: Aggregate Landscape Pattern Study
    WhiteWeekendsKites (2008) Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, Paris
    RhinoScript Introduction (2008) Roland Snooks+Kokkugia
    RhinoScript morphogenetic (2008) Roland Snooks+Kokkugia
    RhinoScript morphodynamic (2008) Roland Snooks+Kokkugia.

    Presentaciones entre Enero y Marzo 2008 revisar aqui
    RhinoScript & VBA (2008) RMIT University, Australia

    En progreso
    From Parametric Design to Digital Fabrication, Ohio State University
    Scripting Cellular Automata (2008) Thesis Project of Chris Chalmers
    Pratt studio spring (2008) Roland Snooks
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