miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Student Explorations: RhinoScripting between surfaces

  • Estructuras. Eugenio Florate :: Alicia Hernandez :: Carlos Maldonado. U de Chile, 2007 (video)
  • Estructuras en V. Italo Veas :: Cristo Cucumides . U de Chile, 2007 (video)
  • Recursion en V. Pedro Hinojosa :: Natalia Solar :: Marcelo Serres. U de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb)
  • Modulo Tenso. Martín Ramirez, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, 2008 (PDF) (Script rvb)
  • BIOTUBES Biomorphic Tubular Sections. Jorge Inostroza :: Pablo Moran :: Gustavo Quiñinao, Universidad de Chile, 2006 (Script rvb) (uploaded Dec.,5, 2009)

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Juergen Weiss dijo...

Hey I really like your page. it is a great effort.

Check out this two pages and if you like add them to your page.
The first one is a collection of rhinoscript functions which helps you to programm faster
The second one is my own page, with some rhinoscript projects.

keep going with your page
Thanks Juergen

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