miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Rhino Python 101 Primer by Skylar Tibbits, Arthur van der Harlen and Steve Baer. (2011)

Open publication - Free publishing - More python
Excerpt from the Introduction by Skylar TibbitsArthur van der Harlen and Steve Baer.
"You’ve just opened the first edition of the Rhino Python primer. This booklet was originally written by David Rutten of Robert McNeel & Associates for Rhino 4 and VBscript and has now been translated to encompass Python for Rhino 5."
"Similar to the previous primers, we have the advantage of using geometric and visual examples to help teach programming. In many traditional scenarios, programming is taught with non-visual examples and difficult to understand engineering problems. For this reason, as well as Python's easy-to-read syntax, we should hopefully be able to bring everyone to understand and write simple programs to help automate and design within Rhino."
"Programming also offers a new language to communicate with the world because almost every discipline, from the Sciences, Engineering to Art, utilize code as a progressive new medium - and this primer should hopefully give you an easy introduction into this powerful language for communicating with the world."

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