domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Rhinoscripting in Architectural Conferences

  • Giorgos Artopoulos; Stanislav Roudavski y Francois Penz (2006) Adaptive Generative Patterns: design and construction of Prague Biennale pavilion. (2118 Kb). Voronoi/Rhinoscript.
  • Andres Kudless, Ivan Vukcevich (Louisville, 2006). Flexible Formwork Research (FPR). (html) (pdf)
  • Kenfield Griffith, Larry Sass, Denis Michaud (Santiago de Chile, 2006). Strategy for complex-curved building design:Design structure with Bi-lateral contouring as integrally connected ribs. (html) (pdf)
  • Onur Gün (Frankfurt, 2007). Composing the Bits of Surfaces in Architectural Practice (html) (pdf)
  • Pablo C. Herrera (Mexico, 2007). Experiencia de programación en la educación del arquitecto (html) (pdf)
  • Tim Schork (Cambridge, 2008). Option Explicit: Scripting as Design Media. En Critical Digital Conference Proceedings, Kostas Terzidis ed. (páginas 41-46)
  • Aya Okabe, Tsukasa Takenaka (Cambridge, 2008). Beyond Surface: Aspects of UVN world in Algorithmic Architecture. En Critical Digital Conference Proceedings, Kostas Terzidis ed. (páginas 195-203).
  • Pablo C. Herrera (La Habana, 2008). VBScript in the education of the architect: Assessment strategies and methods to overcome constraints of implementation (only in spanish) (html) (pdf)
  • Ernesto Bueno + Carlos De La Barrera (La Habana, 2008). Scripting as a strategy for the design: one pedagogical experience (only in spanish) (html) (pdf)

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